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Monday, July 23, 2012

Top 10 Signs That You Are a Shitty / Crummy Faggot

Sophia Lamar is one of my favorite ladies of all time. I was first introduced to her amazingness via Johnny McGovern's podcast, Gay Pimpin' with Johnny Mcgovern. They even had a segment for a while called, "What Sophia Lamar Hates." Sophia is a tranny / fashionista / nightlife and NYC icon.
One thing that she, and I as well, really hates are shitty and or crummy faggots. Below you can find the descriptions she listed on the Gay Pimpin podcast. Go take a look and see how many categories you fall into - I'll bet you are a real crummy/shitty faggot.
Lastly, always be aware that Sophia is picking at you!

Sophia Lamar's Top 10 Signs That You Are a Shitty Faggot:
10) You suck dick for meth or coke
9) Your bedazzled t-shirt is 10 times too small for you
8) You have gel in your hair
7) You have a tribal tattoo
6) You wear eye makeup
5) You haircut is asymmetric
4) Your nipples and your eyebrows are pierced
3) You still think that mohawks are cool
2) You're dating a “blatino”

Sophia Lamar's Top 10 Reasons You Might Be a Crummy Faggot:
10) You're wearing flip flops
9) You ask for a drink ticket
8) You have highlights
7) You have a Christina Aguilera ringtone
6) You are so tan that you are orange
5) You are an escort
4) You think that the Gotti boys are fashion icons
3) You haven't slept in 4 days
2) You wax your asshole

Olympians Are WHORES!



Yes Plz

Sound Advice

Photoshop Fail

How horeebs. Check out his blurred tooled out stomach. 

You're Basic

How Devine

America's First Drag Superstar Is...


Devine truly was America's First Drag Superstar, as evident here in her epic music video for "I'm So Beautiful."

Keep Calm...

This is Why I Love Cats

Check out this short article on an amazing 7 year-old cat who acts as a "Seeing Eye Cat" to her 14 year-old dog brother. I love these pals!

Absolute Idiot Tries to Ride Scooter Up Escalator

And guess what happens? Bitch goes down like a $10 whore!

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Always Practice Safe Sex!

Monday, July 2, 2012

"I've Recently Learned Something About Self-Respect: I Don't Have Any."

-Jerri Blank, "Strangers With Candy."

New Additions

My parents recently welcomes two new bundles of joy into their home. I'm melting just looking at this picture! Storm on the left and Boo on the right. Very ghoulie, Halloweeny, Sharon Needles-esq names which I LOVE!

I'll Take One To Go

The definition of "Cleveland Steamroller" according to Urban Dictionary.



Fat. Who Cares? Syphilis.

Long Live The Queen, Raja. Season 3 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, hunty.

Girl Down

We had a nippley winter in southern California this past season. So cold in fact, that my alcoholic roommate passed out Indian style, with his pussy facing the heater after eating a pizza. Burrr

Won't You Be My Neighbor?